IT Computer Services

Charities or non-profits should reach out to me directly – I may be able to volunteer some time if I can fit it into my busy work/personal life.

  • I would be willing to send anyone simple instructions with links to external websites to backup/support/aid you in doing it yourself
    • OR
  • I could try to make time to help you out if you don’t want to do it yourself – you would need to pay me for expenses (travel, parts) and a small payment for my time (if I have any time)

Services Offered

  • Computer setup, cleaning/OS setup / optimizing / troubleshooting
  • Hardware component installation (ram/video adapter,power supplies etc.)
  • Software installation
  • Home gateway/firewall installation and configuration (commercial products such as Netgear, Dlink etc,etc)
  • Home gateway/firewall building, installation and configuration Open Source Software (PFsense or Smooth-wall Express)
  • Secure WiFi setup
  • Simple, structured backup solutions for home users – I use free and open source software only

Contact: John@JMFTek.Com